Welcome to our little blog space.  We are Sofia and Anna and we’re so glad you are here.  A little about us, just so we get good and familiar: Our friendship began as googly-eyed, self-conscious, and idealistic first-years at Barnard College on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in the year 2002.  We became sisters when we discovered a common love of sarcasm, boisterous belly laughs, a heated debate, bad (but oh so good) primetime television, snuggling with kittens, and even more important than kittens (impossible, you say!?), we share an endless curiosity for the world of food and cooking and eating.  And eating.  And cooking.  And then more eating.  We just can’t stop.

Together we’ve conquered mountains of thin-crust pizzas at Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn, giddily nibbled on winter street food in Anna’s home of South Korea, struck out to live independently of each other in San Francisco, where we ultimately came together to traverse the land of farmers markets aplenty, ripe avocados (if you are an East-coaster, you probably know how exciting this is), salty ocean breezes and mystifying fog, which usually conjures the need to whip up spicy noodle soups and hearty stews.  We’ve guffawed over many a cocktail in our favorite haunts and we’ve sat quietly, appreciating each others familiar presence, while digging into a slice of pie (shaker lemon for one, banana cream for the other).

Now that we no longer live in the same city, this blog is our attempt to continue to strengthen our bond through food but in a more constructive space, share the curiosity that food inspires in us with anyone out there who may want to take a peek and not so much learn from us but learn with us and hopefully share some laughs as we attempt to delve more deeply into our own food heritage, challenge ourselves with new recipes and techniques, and yell out to the great internet world, “what do you like?” or “what would you do differently?” or, even more likely, “WHAT THE HECK DID WE DO WRONG?”

In short, we hope you laugh, maybe learn a little and eat with us!

About Anna

Hailing from South Korea, born to a Korean father and American mother, Anna, was exposed to a diverse range of food at a young age.  To her, sauerkraut and kimchi were equally delectable.  Live, writhing octopus wrapped in crisp lettuce with fiery sweet and spicy gochujang was a dare from her father with virtuous payoff: the desire for more.  Mom’s homemade apple pie was the requested birthday cake replacement each and every year.  As she got older, cooking for family dinner parties became a welcomed challenge.  She took notes while watching the ever-so-jolly “Frugal Gourmet” (does anyone remember him?!) and giggled at Julia Child and Jacque Pepin’s antics on public television.  Upon graduation from Barnard College in New York, Anna went to culinary school in Manhattan and eventually moved to San Francisco. Anna is obsessed with baking and has proposed to her KitchenAid mixer, Marshall, on many occasion.  He has politely refused her each and every time.  What a tease…

Anna sadly eating garlic ice cream.

Anna fearfully trying garlic ice cream.

Anna thanks her dear mom for teaching her to be a practical cook, scoff at recipe intimidation, and to celebrate local and seasonal ingredients.  Her food obsessions include kimchi, all Korean food, peas with butter, beets all ways, cabbage all ways, tacos, tacos, and more tacos.  Current favorite cookbooks are Mario Batali’s Molto Italiano and Molly Stevens’ All About Braising .  She recently acquired a Crock-Pot named Hedwig and now Marshall has some mega-competition.  A girl can’t wait for ever, you know.

About Sofia

Brooklyn-bred (with a little Staten Island thrown in) Sofia learned to feed herself before she could use the toilet and she has been feeding herself ever since. She inherited her Indonesian-born Chinese mother’s love of spicy, flavor-rich food and has spent many waking moments dreaming of such food. Raised on an all rice diet, her comfort food will always be a bowl of saucy rice piled high with some type of sauteed Chinese veggies and Chinese bbq. While the eating came naturally, the cooking bit took some time to acquire. It wasn’t until Sofia actually left NY when, unable to acquire good (cheap-ish) take-out of any type of food whenever she wanted, Sofia began cooking at home.

Sofia professing her love to a cube of fermented soy bean.

After a lifetime spent in the great city of New York and a (not useless at all) English degree, Sofia moved to San Francisco for a change of pace and a (somewhat) fresh start. After a little less than a year spent in SF kitchens, the ubiquitous SF restaurant mantra of seasonal, local, sustainable ingredients became ingrained in Sofia’s cooking instincts. Now she is cooking at a small pizza spot in Seattle that does NY style pizza better than most NY pizzerias. Sofia (and by association, her boy Sam) gets to eat pizza and chocolate chip cookies all the time which keeps her (and Sam) happy.

In case you are wondering, Sofia will never turn down a good bowl of noodles, any condiment (especially hot sauce & ketchup), or a nice, cold old-fashioned.